Raymond Allen Grossman

1917 - 2008


Their Story

On April 21, 1917, Raymond Allen Grossman was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Alex and Martha. He joined the Army and became a corporal during World War II. He was sent to Italy and southern France. Raymond fought with the 36th Infantry Division, also known as the “Fighting 36th.”[1] This division was originally created during World War I in Texas. In April of 1943 this division landed in North Africa. In September, they were sent to Sicily for their first combat fight. In 1944, they fought in Rome and southern France. In 1945, the 36th Infantry Division helped capture Field Marshal von Rundstedt, a German commander.[2]

Raymond earned many medals for his service. He won a Bronze Star Medal, Silver Star Medal, and Purple Heart Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster.[3] A Bronze Star is given out for bravery during service or during combat actions.[4] A Silver Star is awarded for gallantry during combat action and is the third highest military award.[5] Military personnel can receive a Purple Heart medal if they have been wounded or killed during enemy action.[6] Oak Leaf Clusters are worn on an already present medal to show that the medal was awarded more than once.[7] Raymond wore an Oak Leaf Cluster on his Purple Heart Medal because he was injured twice.[8]

After the Army, Raymond got his bachelor’s degree in history from Augustana College. He also earned his Masters of Science in physical education from George Williams University in Chicago. Raymond was a teacher and coach for the remainder of his career. His first education job was in Munich, Germany. He was employed by the United States Department of Defense to teach on an Army base. There he taught physical education classes and coached several sports. He returned to the United States and became a physical education professor and coach at Augustana. Raymond also helped start new sports teams at Augustana such as gymnastics, soccer, and wrestling. He also worked all over the country including Florida, Nevada, Illinois, and California. He had a wealth of knowledge and was able to teach many subjects, like history, math, science, English, different languages, and physical education.[9]

On April 10, 1959, Raymond married Gladys Swanson. They had a daughter together named Lucie. Raymond also had two stepdaughters named Vicky and Wendy. Raymond had many hobbies and stayed active during his life. He trained horses and entered them into competitions in the United States and Europe. He was also a judge for the American Horse Shows Association, Inc. He loved to swim and dive and even entered competitions as a senior.[10]

Raymond, passed away on January 16, 2008. He was buried at the Rock Island Arsenal in the Rock Island National Cemetery for his service in the Army.[11]


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