Phyllis Ann Dolin

1925 - 2020

Air Force
Vietnam War

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Phyllis Ann (Meade) Dolin was born on February 15, 1925, in Lake Benton, Minnesota. Her parents were Edward and Leona (Marti) Meade. In 1942, Dolin graduated from Wilton High School, and in 1946, she graduated from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.1 Prior to enlisting in the Air Force, Dolin worked at Muscatine Junior High School as an art teacher. She then worked at a hobby shop in Korea, and later at an advertising firm in New York City.2 In 1959, Dolin enlisted in the Air Force. Regarding her enlistment, Dolin explained that the Air Force provided women with opportunities for advancement, whereas the business sector did not.3

On August 2, 1961, Phyllis married Ciegal E. Dolin, whom she met while in the Air Force.4 At the time, Phyllis had been working in data processing, stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 1962, Ciegal was sent to Bitburg, Germany.5 Phyllis soon followed, and the couple began a three-year tour of duty. In 1965, the couple returned to the States. After their return from Germany, they were both assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base.6 While back in Texas, Phyllis was assigned to the Department of Comptroller Training in the 3750th Technical School.7

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Phyllis Ann Dolin

In 1969, Dolin was assigned to the Civil Air Patrol Program (CAP). In December of 1980, she was promoted to colonel at an Air Force Reserve Personnel Center in Washington, D.C. At the time of her promotion, she had been assigned to the Davenport Civil Air Patrol squadron. She had also been serving as reserve coordinator for Iowa.8 CAP was a non-profit corporation that completed “lifeguard” missions. The corporation flew small planes to transport tissue samples, donor organs, and blood to area hospitals. In 1985, the missions were flown specifically for the University of Iowa and Mercy Hospitals. This corporation was mainly funded by donations and member fees. Dolin indicated that an important donation they received was personnel from Iowa corporations to fly the missions. These corporations allowed their executives to take time off to fly the missions. Dolin also stated that in 1985 alone, the CAP had completed more than 60 of these missions and had been credited with saving five lives.9

After serving 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, Dolin retired. Years later, she sponsored the construction of a memorial at the Rock Island Arsenal National Cemetery to honor the women that have served in the military. It was said that Dolin enjoyed golf and traveling. She was a member of the Durant American Legion Post #430, the Wahkonsa Country Club, and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Wilton, Iowa. On August 30, 2020, Dolin passed away at the age of 95 at Simpson Memorial Home in West Liberty, Iowa.10


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