Paula Kay (Hauger) Williamson

1964 - 2014

Persian Gulf

Their Story

            Paula Kay Hauger was born on February 13, 1964, to Paul and Sharon (Nichols) Hauger in Davenport, Iowa.[1] She graduated from Davenport West High School in 1983.[2] Not much is recorded of Hauger’s early life, but remembrances from friends and family paint the picture of a compassionate young woman and a reliable friend.[3]

            Paula Hauger enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1986, alongside her brother, Joseph. Encouraged perhaps by a sibling rivalry or a mutual oath to serve, the Hauger siblings both enlisted in the Navy around March 1986. Joseph left immediately to begin training in San Diego, California, while Paula remained in the Quad Cities to aid in recruiting efforts.[4] She later was sent to Orlando, Florida, for recruit training, which she completed on September 9. The training that Paula received in Orlando also qualified her for three college credit hours in physical education and hygiene.[5]

Following her recruit training, Paula was sent to San Diego to train at a Naval school for radiomen; this training taught her how to handle incoming and outgoing classified radio messages, and repair radio antennas.[6] Once she finished this training, her first deployment saw her stationed in Naples, Italy.[7]

            At some point in Hauger’s Navy career, she decided to change to the legalman job rating. Radically different from her previous job as a radioman, Hauger’s transition to the legalman job saw her working in military law. Much like businesses in the private sector need lawyers and legal aides, the branches of the U.S. Navy employ legalmen in order to comply with U.S. and international law:

Legalmen work under the supervision of attorneys, preparing and processing legal documents in the areas of military justice, legal assistance, and administrative, civil and operational law. Their mission is critical to the success of military operations. As the military operate in increasingly complex legal and regulatory environments, the Navy is always in need of new legal talent to join its ranks and bring expertise and innovative thinking.[8]

In order to serve effectively as a legalman, Hauger had to become expert in a variety of legal fields pertaining to the Navy, such as “law of the sea, law of armed conflict, environmental law, information operations law, national security law, civil affairs, and more.”[9] As a result of the careful clerical work of Hauger and her fellow legalmen, the Navy was able to conduct operations worldwide to project power and protect America and its interests.

            Paula Kay Hauger served in the U.S. Navy until 2006, when she retired to live out the rest of her life in her native Davenport. She married Joe Williamson shortly after her service ended, becoming the stepmother of his two children. She had a passion for motorcycles; she worked for the Harley Davidson Motor Company and was a member of the Iowa Harley Owners Group (HOG) Chapter.

In addition to her love of riding motorcycles, she loved riding horses and was an elected officer of the Quad Cities All-Breed Horseman Association. She was also active in the local veteran community at the Blue Grass American Legion #711.

Paula Kay Williamson tragically passed away at the age of fifty on December 14, 2014.[10] She leaves behind the legacy of service to her country and warm friendship to those she met, as recounted by her friend, “To meet Paula was to become her friend. More importantly, she became YOUR friend, forever.”[11]

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