Harry Jerome Hyman

1917 - 2014

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Their Story

On January 14, 1917, Harry Jerome Hyman was born in New York City to Jules and Francis Hyman. Harry graduated from City College of New York. He joined the Army in 1940. He served in the Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II. He later served at the Rock Island Arsenal as a lieutenant colonel until 1968. Afterwards, he retired from the Army, but worked as a civilian at the Rock Island Arsenal as the director of contracting services until 1997.[1]

World War II started in 1939. There were two sides called the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis powers included the countries Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Allies side included the countries France, Great Britain, United States, Soviet Union, and China. Conflicts started because of problems not dealt with after World War I. The war ended in 1945 and the Allies won. There is estimated to be around forty to fifty million casualties during World War II.[2]

The Korean War was a conflict between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, known today as North Korea, and the Republic of Korea, known today as South Korea. In June of 1950, the Soviet Union helped supply North Korea to invade South Korea. The U.S. joined the South Korean side as their allies. Negotiations were attempted in 1954, but nothing was resolved. The front line of 1954 became the boundary between the two separate countries. About two and a half million casualties occurred.[3]

The Vietnam War was from 1954-1975. It started during the Cold War when North Vietnam wanted a communist government and South Vietnam wanted a democratic government. The U.S. and South Vietnam lost the war in 1975. This war is known for the brutality and mass casualties, both civilians and soldiers. About two million civilians on both the North and South side died. A little over one million Vietnamese soldiers died. The U.S. casualties during the war were around 58,000.[4]

On April 26, 1942, Harry got married to Muriel in New York City. They had two sons together named Richard and Stephen. Not only was he known as Dad, he was also known as the “Gingerbread Man” around the holiday season. Harry would make gingerbread houses. He started by making them for his neighborhood, and it turned into creating an entire gingerbread village for the Festival of Trees for years.[5]

Harry passed away on February 18, 2014. He was buried in the Rock Island Arsenal for his service within the military.[6]


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