David Wesley Armstrong

1925 - 1954

Korean War

Their Story

David Wesley Armstrong was born to his parents George and Louise Armstrong in September of 1925[1]. Although very little of his early life could be uncovered, the impact he made for the security of our nation is unforgettable. He was born in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania with an older brother, George and a younger sister, Laura[2]. He went on to graduate from the prestigious West Point Academy[3]. For those who are unfamiliar with the topic, West Point is an outstanding military academy that educates students with skills to be successful during and after serving in the military. Many well-regarded alumni have graduated from West Point and have gone on to do monumental things, including Captain Armstrong.

In September, 1943 David Armstrong entered into active service for the United States military[4]. This was towards the end of World War II. During this time David Armstrong met Jean Fahrney who had been widowed prior to meeting Captain Amrstrong. Jean and her late husband had two sons, Jimmie and Jerry, who later became Captain Armstong’s step-sons when David and Jean were wed in January, 1949 with friends and family by their side[5]. The Armstrongs had a son together, David W. Armstrong Jr, and the couple had a total of three sons[6]. His wife and children lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa while he was stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas. Eventually deployed to South Korea to serve in the Korean War[7]. However, tragedy struck soon after and Captain Armstrong was reported missing in action on November 28, 1951[8]. To the dismay of his loved ones he was officially reported dead on March 19, 1954[9]. Captain Armstrong gave up his life for the safety and protection of every American civilian. His dedication from West Point through his service domestically and in the Korean War are commendable and earned him various medals including the Purple Heart which is awarded to those who are harmed or killed while serving for our nation.

Today his diligence and sacrifice live on through those dear to him such as his wife, children, and further descendants.


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